Meet Blysful Designs


Alyssa Langevin

Hi! My name is Lys — rhymes with bliss — and that’s where we got our name! I am a pediatric occupational therapist by day, and a sign-creator by night! I started Blysful Designs March 2016 accidentally, really. I turned to doodling when I was stressed with grad school and received overwhelmingly positive feedback when I posted my doodles on Facebook. I came home from school that spring excited to share with my parents this huge idea to start my own business to help pay for my student loans. My dad, Ken Langevin, is the craftsman of the team. He handcrafts all of our wooden signs as well as assembles anything that has hardware! My mom, Libby Langevin, has an eye for detail and helps with design as well as putting on the finishing touch. A year and a half later, I am creating custom art for people to hang in their homes or give as a gift, creating signage and menu boards for local restaurants, and doing custom lettering for weddings and events!


My Past Work