Meet LaLas


Cynthia Goldrick & Nancy Fitzgibbons

La La was started by two friends in the spring of 2017. It is a creative homegrown pillow company concentrating on celebrating neighborhood pride and momentous moments.
Currently, LaLa has pillows representing the 60805 zip code with 60655 and 60643 designs coming in the very near future. LaLa is also featuring a line of baby pillows so followers can celebrate the birth of a baby commemorating it with a pillow displaying the year of the birth with a classic pram pictured below it.
Our pillows are a great way to commemorate a milestone, decorate a front porch swing, celebrate the purchase of a new home or even be a constant reminder in a college dorm that there really is no place like home!
We hope to expand our product line in the future as we have many more innovative, fun ideas jumping around in our heads! For now, you can find us at Murray’s Browse and Brew. Please stop in and taste the amazing drinks/coffees offered from Brewpoint as well as browse the local vendors displaying their innovative hand created merchandise. Remember, stay tuned for more designs and SHOP often SHOP local!


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