Meet SG Designs


Jason and Shannon Gruzlewski

My wife and I have been together for seven years, and have been married for two. As life has a funny tendency of getting in the way, we find it harder and harder to spend quality time together. We have a beautiful son who takes up most of our time. Along with work, school, and learning how to raise a child, our lives have become a blur. We wanted to slow it down somehow and enjoy each other and our family. Crafting has allowed us to do that. My wife has always been a crafter, she is the talented one. She can knit anything imaginable, and her creative ability is inspiring. Together, we started making candles, as a fun way to spend an afternoon. Before we knew it, we were making candles for friends, family, and co-workers. Murray’s Brows and Brew has allowed us to share our crafts with you, our neighbors. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do making them. Thank you for all of the support. ~ Jason and Shannon Gruzlewski


Our Past Work